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Ever In Good Taste: Enjoyment of literary erotica, often called literotica, brings us refined standards of reading material: steamy and sometimes humorous, always good-natured, and avoiding that which is beneath us (e.g., the ground, our socks, etc.). Good writing, as entertainment, isn't mean, hurtful, or otherwise trollsky. Smart, sensible, decent men and women of progressive orientation (they care about others) will feel quite at home here.

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feel good

feel good

Notice: This content is only for consenting adults and lawful activities involving mature, responsible men and women of a humane and progressive (inclusive, tolerant) viewpoint. Parental supervision advised.


Generous Samples: About Half of Each Novel Free


The Limewood Trilogy by Max Ready

Skyscraper Secrets by Jen Dozier

Summer in the Garden of Eros by Hormonius Young

The Talented Ms. Rosemary Evening by Cynthia Night

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